Flamingosis Vapor 95 Livestream

Flamingosis Vapor 95 Livestream
Flamingosis Vapor 95 Livestream

Looking for a badass vaporwave music mix to get the party started?

We found this mix the past weekend, we went out for a Sunday hike and then we went to a friend’s house to have dinner and listen to good music. We have listened to this vaporwave Livestream last week however, we never saw the video and allow us to say WOO WOO!!

This was such an amazing experience regarding vaporwave music, this is the kind of mix you want to blast to get you out of your seat!

From the city funk vibe delivered by Yung Bae and closing the Livestream with Music Sounds Better With You by Stardust we all had such an amazing time dancing to it.

On top of the good vibe, this guy recorded himself in front of a green (or blue) screen and replaced it with mesmerizing visuals that involve Sonic The Hedgehog, Street Fighter, vaporwave patterns and our all-time favorite …. THE FLAMINGOS!!! Hella fun!

One of the best things about it is that he is having such a good time, his dance move shows that it’s not his first rodeo XD and we’re looking forward to seeing more of this type of content. More than a mix it was a journey through the perky side of vaporwave music.

Flamingosis is a recent discovery for us and we’re enjoying the albums and mixes. We are definitely craving for more content like this, with enthusiasm and passion for the music we all love and the overall aesthetic around this genre.

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