Haircuts for Men – ダウンタンブルと死にます (Down tumble and die) – Album Review

Haircuts for Men – ダウンタンブルと死にます (Down tumble and die) – Album Review

Haircuts for Men present us with a fantastic vaporwave album called (in English) “Down tumble and die” (apologies for the Google Translate but Japanese it’s not a language I know) which, I must say, it’s a delight for creative work such as designing, writing, painting, sculpting or any other activity which require most of your focus and attention.

Initially, I thought this was a vaporwave band, DJ or music producer but it turns out that Haircuts for Men it’s (so far) the kind of anonymous music curator that compiles great music collections (from other artists) and put them together in such a way that you feel “This makes perfect sense the way it’s arranged”

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About the album

Vaporwave Aesthetic

One of the things that I like the most is the classic vaporwave aesthetic chosen for the album covers. It’s a combination of Greek and Egyptian sculpture arrangement (very symbolic) for the artwork. One of the pillars of vaporware design is the Greek sculptures, in fact, the most iconic vaporware aesthetic image it’s the head of the famous David (by Michelangelo)

As for the general look n feel, it reminds me of the 80s and 90s CD covers or even a hella dope cassette inner deco based on how the information it’s displayed. Cool elements like this logo (BEDLAM_40) combining a Greek-type column with a cassette:


These are the songs you can find in the album, we included also the time markers to help you identify each song:

#Song Name (Haircuts for Men)Time-mark
5ヘイズバズ (r e m a d e series)19:18
8手紙, は保つ33:19

Music featured in this album

ArtistAlex Picciafuochi
AlbumAlex Picciafuochi Ibiza Cocktail Lounge
SongLeaving Home (feat. GuitaRagi) [Elegant Gypsy Mix Remastered]
ArtistBalearic Lounge Boyz
AlbumLeaving Home
SongLeaving Home (Balearic Chill Guitar Radio Mix)
ArtistBalearic Lounge Boyz
AlbumLeaving Home
SongThe Blue Bar Midnight Dance
AlbumDance all Day (on behalf of Media Sound Art), and 2 music rights societies
ArtistChristian Scott aTunde Adjuah
SongAlone Is Still Alive
AlbumDance all Day (on behalf of Chill-in-Chill-out Rec.)
SongBang Bang (PianoChocolate Mix)
ArtistJean Honeymoon
AlbumBang Bang
ArtistNight Lovers
AlbumCity Lounge Vol. 1

Album Review

Based on mood and music curation I will give this album 4.5 / 5 stars. For this particular album, I’m focusing on the mix made by Haircuts for Men because (and correct me if I am wrong) there are no original songs and the whole album it’s a music compilation.

  • The mood feels kind of lounge but not quite downtempo, which I love for creative work given that there are no lyrics or singing throughout the album. This allows my brain to engage in creative processes and I don’t end up dancing or singing instead of doing what I suppose to do.
  • The Mediterranean influence in certain rhythms are fantastic and made me feel like I was in a beautiful hotel somewhere in Greece, a Spanish island or even in Morroco. The strings for sure gave me this vibe.
  • There are, also, presence of mellow vibes that almost feel like a brain massage. Soothing for the listener and well used to link songs in smooth transitions.
  • Saxophone lines are (for me) a must layer when it comes down to portrait a 90s lounge vibe and yes it is there!
  • I will definitely listen to this album many more times. It is a perfect match for the type of activities I perform during my working hours but at the same time, I want to listen to it while falling asleep on a hammock in Ibiza, during springtime with beautiful views of the sea and sharing that great moment with people I care about.
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