Synthwave Track, How to make one

Synthwave Track, How to make one

We love to encourage people to create beautiful music, sometimes inspiration comes when you step out of your comfort zone and do something different. Is making synthwave music out of your comfort zone?

Synthwave for beginners

If you are a musician and it’s the first time you read about the term Synthwave, this video shows you with an example of what is synthwave and how to make a synthwave track on FL Studio. Who knows? Maybe you can find that missing piece for your song, composition or soundtrack you’re working on.

Whatever the case, we believe that “sharing is caring” and we found this tutorial on youtube while browsing for some kick-ass synthwave playlists :

Vaporwave or Synthwave?

Even though we are focused on the vaporwave side of the world, this is a well-enjoyed music genre during our creative or/and working hours. From our point of view, there is no competition between vaporwave and synthwave, there is no need for a competition here, music is to be enjoyed as a journey and not as a score.

A balance of genres and subgenres (including those outside vaporwave and synthwave) will lead you to a lot of fantastic music that’s out there. The point is to know how to enjoy the music and how to mix it so it blends with your reality.

Synthwave music band

After watching the video, do you think you are going to jump into the world of 80’s inspired music and drop some synthwave tracks?

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