Windows96 : One Hundred Mornings | Vaporwave music for creative people

Windows96 : One Hundred Mornings | Vaporwave music for creative people

Recommend me a vaporwave album…

Vaporwave is rather a new lifestyle based on music, if you’re like us most likely you enjoy putting a vaporwave mix while you work on creative projects. Exploring what YouTube has to offer in terms of vaporwave mixes and albums I came across a series of albums by Windows 96. In particular, this album called “One Hundred Mornings” and I really enjoyed the whole thing!

What do I think about this vaporwave album?

An instrumental album, synths on point, slow mood vibe, office like sounds, I wanted more!

When it comes to music that goes well with work, especially creative tasks, I prefer long mixes to discover new songs, artists or albums. In this case, I went for the album option and I was not disappointed. The overall mood is chill, sometimes it has a slow tempo but it’s the kind of slow you can easily surf while doing a task.

I also notice that some of the sounds you hear in the album are very 80’s inspired but with a twist of an office vibe, maybe an office lobby or elevator which hits one of the DNA points of vaporwave music Corporate Sarcasm by using sounds that evoke the feeling you are in a distorted business reality.

Where to find more about Windows 96

When do I listen to this vaporwave music?

Part of my work is to do creative work, whether is for visual or strategic purposes using the power of music can improve your productivity and help you enjoy the process. I like to dive deep into different ideas, point of views, connecting concepts or just going crazy on photoshop and with these kinds of long music sessions both the process and the outcome are, usually, satisfactory.

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