Grand Theft Auto Vice City – Flash FM Station – Entering the realm of 80s retro music

Grand Theft Auto Vice City – Flash FM Station – Entering the realm of 80s retro music

Play the video below and let the music trigger your childhood memories

GTA brought the sexy back in their Vice City release

Not only have the people from Rockstar Games been changing the “open world” concept in the gaming industry for years, but they’ve also become a musical reference. In terms of User Experience, GTA Vice City was a game that had you taking on the role of a Hollywood character like Tony Montana or the dark side of Miami Vice and it was a ton of fun.

Corruption, prostitution, drug dealing, weapon trafficking, you name it this game has it.

GTA has always been the target of criticism because of how violence (physical and verbal) is a mean to an end, in this case: Become a successful mafia lord and rule with fear and respect.

GTA and Vaporwave

As millennials, we grew up with a game made by the generation X (and some baby boomers for sure), they sure had all the music and cinema background from the 80s and you can tell how well curated all the radio stations are in this game.

If we can point a game that has influenced the vaporwave culture in terms of music, aesthetic and art with no doubt we put Grand Theft Auto in the top of our list of games that had influenced the vaporwave culture for good.

Funny how a “violent game” can have a positive outcome for society, in terms of music this game deserves 1TB of respect. Not many people will reckon this, however, I do and our people from vaporwave boutique believe that this classic will keep adding value to the music scene as time goes by.

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