Vaporwave Brazil Mixtape 12 – Aesthetic Mixtape

Vaporwave Brazil Mixtape 12 – Aesthetic Mixtape

Kickstart your weekend with this bumpin’ vaporwave mix

Vaporwave Brazil is an aesthetic treasure trove of mixes that blend vaporwave, future funk and nu-disco in a fiery vapormix that’s a solid soundtrack to your Friday pre-game. I stumbled upon this on Mixcloud a few days ago and it’s been powering me through the week. I dig it because it does a good job of keeping you hooked, hyped, hypnotized & dancing in a cyber trance.

The 10 minute mark starts picking up the groove into a future funk that continues to build towards one of my favorite parts of the mix (around the 20 minute mark) when Keep by Aritus hits. It’s teasing, repetitive intro explodes into a disco drop that’ll get you moving. ANDROID – APARTMENT’s remix of Lady by Mojo is a lush take on the track that will have you feeling nostalgic for summer days long gone. Other artists included in the mix are St. Pepsi, YUNG BAE & ΛDRIΛNWΛVE.

Why is it a good weekend mix?

The future funk and K pop elements keeps this hour and ten minute mix upbeat and danceable when compared to other vaporwave mixes. Trading in the chopped n’ screwed, faux-utopian, aesthetic sound found in floral shoppe by Macintosh Plus for more disco inspired, future funk elements that’ll keep you grooving and ready for the weekend.

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