Kenan & Kel: A Classic Nickelodeon Comedy

Kenan & Kel: A Classic Nickelodeon Comedy

If you grew up in the 90s, chances are you watched and loved Kenan & Kel, a hilarious sitcom that aired on Nickelodeon from 1996 to 2000. The show starred Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell as two best friends who always got into crazy and funny situations. Whether it was scheming to get rich, dealing with school problems, or getting into trouble with Kenan’s family, the duo never failed to make us laugh with their antics and catchphrases.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look back at some of the memorable aspects of Kenan & Kel, such as the characters, the trends, the guest stars, and the fun facts. Let’s get started!

The Characters

Kenan & Kel featured a cast of colorful and quirky characters that added to the comedy and charm of the show. Here are some of the main ones:

Kenan Rockmore

The protagonist of the show, Kenan is a clever and ambitious teenager who works at a grocery store called Rigby’s. He often comes up with elaborate plans to make money or impress girls, but they usually backfire or go wrong. He is also afraid of clowns and loves orange soda.

Kel Kimble

The deuteragonist of the show, Kel is Kenan’s loyal and goofy best friend who loves orange soda more than anything. He is very clumsy and naive, often causing trouble for himself and Kenan with his antics. He is also allergic to tuna and has a crush on Kenan’s sister Kyra.

Chris Potter

The manager of Rigby’s, Chris is a friendly and eccentric man who treats Kenan like a son. He is very passionate about his job and often gives Kenan advice or helps him out with his schemes. He is also obsessed with cleanliness and hygiene.

Roger Rockmore

Kenan’s father, Roger is a stern and strict man who works as an accountant. He dislikes Kel and often blames him for everything that goes wrong in the house. He is also very frugal and loves his car more than anything.

Sheryl Rockmore

Kenan’s mother, Sheryl is a kind and loving woman who works as a lawyer. She is more lenient with Kenan and Kel than Roger and often tries to calm him down. She is also very smart and successful in her career.

Kyra Rockmore

Kenan’s younger sister, Kyra is a smart and sassy girl who has a crush on Kel. She often teases Kenan and tries to get him in trouble with their parents. She is also very good at math and science.

The Trends

Kenan & Kel was not only a popular show, but also a cultural phenomenon that influenced many trends in the 90s. Here are some of them:

Orange Soda

One of the most iconic elements of the show was Kel’s love for orange soda. He would often drink it by the bottle or even bathe in it. He also had a famous catchphrase: “Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda. Is it true? Mmmhmm! I do, I do, I do-oooh!” This made orange soda a popular drink among kids and teens in the 90s.


The rapper Coolio performed the theme song of the show, which was catchy and upbeat. He also appeared in the opening credits of the show, rapping along with Kenan and Kel. Coolio was already a famous artist in the 90s, but his involvement with Kenan & Kel boosted his popularity even more.


The show had many memorable catchphrases that became part of the 90s slang. Some of them were:

“Aw, here it goes!”

 Kenan’s signature phrase that he would say before starting his plans or schemes.


Kel’s signature phrase that he would say whenever he was confused or surprised by something.

“I dropped the screw in the tuna!”

A phrase that Kel said in one episode when he accidentally dropped a screw in a can of tuna that he was supposed to deliver to a customer. It became a viral meme and one of the most quoted lines from the show.


This a phrase that Kenan and Kel would say whenever they saw something amazing or shocking.

“Get him!”

 A phrase that Roger would say whenever he was angry at Kel and wanted to chase him out of the house.

The Guest Stars

Kenan & Kel had many guest stars who appeared on the show, either as themselves or as fictional characters. Some of them were:

Britney Spears

The pop star appeared in one episode as herself, where she performed at a concert that Kenan and Kel attended. She also gave Kenan a kiss on the cheek, which made him faint.

Milton Berle

The legendary comedian appeared in one episode as Uncle Leo, Kenan’s great-uncle who was a former circus performer. He taught Kenan and Kel some tricks and jokes, and also revealed that he was rich.

Dan Schneider

The creator and producer of the show, Dan Schneider appeared in several episodes as different characters, such as a pizza delivery guy, a plumber, a doctor, and a judge. He also played Mr. Baily, the owner of Rigby’s who fired Chris in one episode.

Ron Harper

The former NBA player appeared in one episode as himself, where he visited Kenan’s school and gave a motivational speech. He also played basketball with Kenan and Kel, and gave them some tips.


The comedian and actor appeared in one episode as Ishboo, a foreign exchange student who stayed with Kenan’s family. He claimed to be from a country called Zabuland, where everything was different and weird.

The Fun Facts

Kenan & Kel was a show that had many fun facts and trivia behind the scenes. Here are some of them:

The Show Was Based on a Sketch

Kenan & Kel originated from a sketch called “The Good Burger” that was featured on another Nickelodeon show called All That. The sketch was about two employees at a fast-food restaurant who had funny interactions with customers. The sketch was so popular that it spawned a spin-off show and a movie.

The Show Was Filmed in Front of a Live Audience

Unlike many sitcoms that used laugh tracks, Kenan & Kel was filmed in front of a live studio audience who reacted to the jokes and situations. This added to the energy and spontaneity of the show, and also allowed the actors to improvise and interact with the audience.

The Show Had Many Crossovers with Other Shows

Kenan & Kel had many crossovers with other shows on Nickelodeon, such as All That, The Amanda Show, Cousin Skeeter, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The characters from these shows would either appear on Kenan & Kel or vice versa, creating funny and unexpected scenarios.

The Show Had a Reunion Special

In 2015, Kenan & Kel reunited for a special episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where they reprised their roles as employees at Good Burger. They also performed their theme song with Coolio and met some of their old co-stars and guest stars.

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