Article 13 & The Internet Right Now

Article 13 & The Internet Right Now

Is our freedom being compromised?

What’s going on Europe?

We cannot remain neutral about this subject because is a matter of, what we consider, online rights. How well informed are we, the common citizen, about this matter? More importantly, how well informed are the people who push this “game changer” move?

Final question, what is the ultimate purpose of all this?

Our view

We believe that people with power and influence over the political and economical landscape are afraid of the internet as an international, borderless community of people. In other words, their approach is “I’m afraid of losing power over this” which is to be expected, not cool in this case.

We’re getting used to life without borders while still maintaining our homeland fingerprint. We’re so used to it that we might realize that we can do that in the real world. Being able to belong by birth to a nation but free to exist in any country as long as it goes with what you like and enjoy.

For example, if you’re reading this it’s because you like vaporwave, synthwave, retrowave or any similar music lifestyle and didn’t come here to invest time to read about something you don’t like. In the same way throughout your life you might feel like living in South America for 4 years and then moving to Asia for 10 years and the Europe for 2 years and so on forever or until you want to settle down.

This is similar to your online existence. You don’t visit the same websites, blogs or apps your whole life.

People’s freedom on the Internet is threatening to certain people, dut to the financial and political implications they could bring.

That’s why we are against this new article as it goes against freedom of speech. The internet was born free and should have a free life until another groundbreaking system that connects people from around the world is invented and implemented.

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